STL’s IT Help Desk provides high-speed attention to your issue at hand and is available when you need it the most.

We understand that your time is money... and your sanity.

Phone Support

Call a Help Desk team member.

Email Support

Send an email to a Help Desk team member.

Remote Desktop Support

Anytime, anywhere access that lets us remotely control your device and help you immediately whether you're around the corner, or across the world.

Change Request

For a change request, such as a new user, change user, add/remove application, or hardware request, etc., please click the link below.

Fill out the form completely, paying close attention to the required fields indicated with an * asterisk, and then hit the "Submit" button.

What I like most about STL is the personal nature of the services.

I have a point person that can assist me and I know that my needs will be considered.

I also have appreciated that when we have had major issues that the team is quick and attentive. When I have had issues, my concerns were listened to, validated and a solution was found.

I appreciated this response instead of just saying ‘It will be ok.’ or ‘We’ll handle it.’

Diane Wolf Regional Office of Education 17