Information Technology


Why are we so successful in the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY space? The STL family includes a managed services providerSTL Business & Technology Solutions. Our IT experts and our Tier-3, FEMA-rated, bunkered Data Center help us to be Staffing experts in IT.

We have immediate access to thousands of specialized IT professionals, with varying years of real-world experience, to fit your business or project needs. They can be placed on a contract, full-time, or project basis.

Here are just a few of the specialties we place:

  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Network & Systems Engineering
  • Security
  • Telecommunications

We have built a Successful Placement Process that allows us to attract, vet, and provide the hard-to-find, top talent you demand in a timely manner. It allows us to hire from a new pool of qualified talent and reduce our customer’s turnover rate by up to 40%. Employee turnover costs your company in lost training time, missed productivity numbers, and lower utilization.

Understanding your unique culture, including your core values, is critical to align the right candidate with your needs and goals. Companies give themselves their best chance to grow by employing engaged and happy employees—which helps eliminate costly turnover.

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STL knows our culture and understands our business needs. They use this insight to thoroughly vet candidates to present only those who have the exact skills and experience we need, when we need them, and at a very competitive rate.

We have yet to find any [staffing firms] who equal STL’s diligence in finding the right fit for us. In fact, the other well-known firms consistently present lesser-qualified individuals at top-shelf rates.

STL is more than a vendor; they are a trusted and valued partner.

Jeff Mosley Growmark, Inc.