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STL Announces the Addition of a New
Director of Organizational Development

by STL Business and Technology Solutions

Nichole Barnett
Director of Organizational Development

STL Business and Technology Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Nichole Barnett as their new Director of Organizational Development. Nichole will direct the design, planning, and implementation of STL’s organizational development programs, policies, and procedures and establish the human capital of the organization as a critical component to accomplish business goals.

Bloomington, Illinois, Sept. 21, 2020 — STL is a leading provider of Managed IT solutions, including Cybersecurity, Public and Private Cloud, and Backup & Disaster Recovery for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Midwest.

STL Staffing currently has offices in three locations. Our headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois, with additional offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Appleton, Wisconsin. We identify and qualify the highest caliber candidates for our client’s ever-changing staffing needs.

Nichole comes to STL from her position as Medical Practice Manager at Twin City Plastic Surgery in Bloomington, IL—a busy three-physician Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Practice—where she managed all operational and financial aspects of the business. She brings with her 17+ years of business experience and will lead a team of professionals to manage all aspects of organizational development and human resources at STL. She will be responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of organizational needs and the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of team members.

"Our leadership team had the opportunity to sit down with Nichole and present STL's Strategic Vision for the next several years. There are going to be some exciting things happening in the near future in the communities we serve, and it was clear that Nichole's experience with organizational development will be an asset. As we continue to expand our business, we are prioritizing the alignment of our leadership team to our company goals. As a former customer of STL, Nichole brings a customer-focused perspective that will take lead in developing the organizational skills in each of our departments. We’re very excited to have her as a part of the STL family,” said Tim Norman, President/Owner of STL.

"I am excited to get my feet wet and work to understand the ins and outs of the STL organizational structure to see where there are gaps—such as workflows and business needs—to help assure STL is prepared for the exponential growth of both sides of the company. In addition, we will develop training programs and other educational opportunities that directly support all our team members. By sharing my knowledge and experience in this regard, my hope is that our employees will gain confidence and feel empowered when performing their job," says Barnett.

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What I like most about STL is the personal nature of the services.

I have a point person that can assist me and I know that my needs will be considered.

I also have appreciated that when we have had major issues that the team is quick and attentive. When I have had issues, my concerns were listened to, validated and a solution was found.

I appreciated this response instead of just saying ‘It will be ok.’ or ‘We’ll handle it.’

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