Too much Reactive support eliminates business value.

More companies are facing larger technology challenges and increased complexity has made technology a critical aspect of their business.

Gone are the days where companies can afford only a break-and-fix method of doing business.

To effectively drive business success, technology management must have a repeatable process in place with a framework built around focused standards and strategies.

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By going to a cloud-based environment, we eliminated a lot of our hardware issues. We looked at our cost of hardware upgrade and server upgrade, and we realized that the continuing need to upgrade was chewing up a great deal of dollars and that our computer hardware was almost disposable on anywhere from a 12 to 24-month cycle. By going to a cloud based environment, it allows us to use virtual connections and virtual servers, as well as remote desktop connections that we just couldn’t access before and it has eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

Ed Colloton, MD Eye Surgical Associates