IT Consulting

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive. That's why our IT Consulting service was developed—to allow your business to stay competitive. We help you relieve competitive pressures, overcome business and technology challenges and foster lasting success.

Our advice will promote a rewarding outcome for your business. It will never become a product sales pitch.

We start by having a business-level conversation that identifies and/or confirms desired specific outcomes that meet target objectives. These objectives could be risk mitigation, operational efficiency, competitive advantage and/or return on investment. This approach ensures our advice will support the desired result.

The final step will be to determine whether our IT Consulting service is needed for one or more specific projects, or if your business would benefit from ongoing access to one of our strategic technology advisors. Our recommendations are then tailored to suit the level of need.

STL Consulting Services Helps Businesses:

  • Create a strategic technology blueprint and budget for better business outcomes.
  • Navigate risk complexities to reduce exposure and liability, from cyber risk to regulatory audits and compliance.
  • Validate resource allocation and expenses based on strategic business objectives.
  • Develop functional, business-wide backup strategies, plans, and procedures.
  • Evaluate, deploy and stay abreast of evolving technologies, such as Cloud computing and VoIP communications.
  • Prepare for new business startup or upcoming business expansion.
  • Inspire business innovation and creativity.
  • Strengthen customer trust and transparency.
  • Optimize use of human capital.
  • Accelerate business potential and opportunity.

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By going to a cloud-based environment, we eliminated a lot of our hardware issues. We looked at our cost of hardware upgrade and server upgrade, and we realized that the continuing need to upgrade was chewing up a great deal of dollars and that our computer hardware was almost disposable on anywhere from a 12 to 24-month cycle. By going to a cloud based environment, it allows us to use virtual connections and virtual servers, as well as remote desktop connections that we just couldn’t access before and it has eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

Ed Colloton, MD Eye Surgical Associates