Hosted Voice Systems

Reliable, smart communication is the foundation of all successful business transactions. A full-featured, business class phone system that is reliable, affordable, and flexible is a vital asset for successful businesses of any size.

But let’s be honest...

Finding the perfect communication solution for your business, that doesn’t break the bank, can be somewhat intimidating.

We’re here to help. 

Network Evaluation

It’s actually very simple. Allow us to evaluate your current phone network so we can help you determine if you have the best configuration for your specific business needs. If we find that it’s not, we can propose a solution that will improve your ability to connect with staff, prospects and most importantly, your customers.

Our fully-managed hosted Public Branch Exchange (PBX) voice solution lets you focus on managing your business, not your phones, all while reducing costs.

Some of the features found in our solutions include;

  • “Always On” communication services,
  • Scalability to your company’s growing needs,
  • Decreased cost by reducing or eliminating current phone expenses,
  • Enhanced flexibility using your “office” line anytime/anywhere,
  • STL's full responsibility for hosting, hardware, software and maintenance,
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure by utilizing your current local area network (LAN),
  • Call waiting,
  • Call routing,
  • Conference Calls,
  • Voicemail-to-email,
  • On-hold music,
  • and more.

Have Questions?

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Technically speaking, I like the wide range of abilities offered for most any situation I run into that needs assistance above my capability. Service for outdated or for new products and server issues, have been extremely appreciated.

Personally, I like the ‘NON-CORPORATE’ approach to resolutions of problems. The ‘like home’ or ‘neighbor’ feeling is appreciated from the concern of the issue, to the knowledge of ‘we can handle the problem.’ There has been a huge amount of friendship developed with STL due to the concerns of how we do business and why we are doing it this way. With that information has come knowledge of our needs for future growth. More important is the timely support and quality of support based on this knowledge.

In this area, I have continually given the STL name to others in meetings and in private. For the above-mentioned reasons, I would recommend STL to almost anyone.

Gary W. Howell Greater Peoria Mass Transit District