Virtual Desktops

Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a centralized, hosted delivery platform of Windows desktops—complete with company data and applications—to any authorized user, on any device, in any Internet-connected location.

Also referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), this secure, compliant solution ensures a consistent corporate workspace for users across every end-user desktop.

Powered by industry-leading technology solutions, STL’s DaaS can be deployed in minutes and affords companies the flexibility to add or remove desktops easily and scale for any number of desktops needed on demand.

DaaS Benefits:

  • Reduce Complexity — End the vicious, expensive cycle of operating system (OS) upgrades forever and extend the life of hardware.
  • Save Money — Transform desktops from capital outlays to predictable, easy-to-budget operating expenses.
  • Extend Productivity — Provide your workforce with access to data and applications at any time and from any device/location.
  • Increase Worker Satisfaction — Per the “Mobile Workforce Survey” from Runzheimer International, employee satisfaction is the top benefit of enabling a mobile workforce, cited by 26% of respondents.
  • Gain Control — Secure and manage applications and multiple desktop models from a single console—create custom policies for usage, establish privileges for user groups, and more.
  • End IT Hassles — We handle all desktop and application updates and patches, ensuring they are always current.

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The capital expense is not on our books. In other words, we look at our balance sheet and we don’t have $100,000 of hardware that we’re depreciating over the next five years, and we haven’t had to borrow $100,000 from the bank to buy this stuff.

Ruel Wright, M.D. Practice Management Consultants