Cloud Services

Simply put, Cloud computing, via a secure internet connection, allows any size company to have access to Everything as a Service (EaaS), including:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Managed Security as a Service (MSaaS), and
  • Unified Communications (UCaaS).

Gone is the need to invest in costly on-site hardware and software, employees to install and maintain them all, and the need to upgrade year, after year, after year.

Companies can remotely access and store their data and supporting systems safely and securely—saving time, space and expense.

Is The Cloud Right For Your Business?

That depends on your business. While we appreciate the range of benefits Cloud Services can deliver, we realize not every business should be placed on the fast track to this option.

There are serious advantages to moving to the Cloud, but it’s important to take a customized approach to determine the best on-site vs. off-site solution for you. We will work with your business to recommend the right options to meet your needs.

Customizable Cloud Solutions

STL delivers a wide range of Cloud Services, all of which can be tailored to provide significant benefits to your business:

  • Private Cloud Services  Allows virtual hosting of your IT infrastructure in our secure data centers—saving cost, improving reliability and increasing mobile access.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery — Continuous and reliable back-ups for your on-premise data and systems to the Cloud. They can be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • Hosted Email — Prevents spam and various kinds of malware from entering your network. Improves speed and ease of access for your employees.

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By going to a cloud based environment, we eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

We looked at our cost of hardware upgrade and server upgrade, and we realized that the continuing need to upgrade was chewing up a great deal of dollars and that our computer hardware was almost disposable on anywhere from a 12- to 24-month cycle.

By going to a cloud based environment, it allows us to use virtual connections and virtual servers, as well as remote desktop connections that we just couldn’t access before and it has eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

Ed Colloton, M.D. Eye Surgical Associates