Channel Partner Program

At STL, we pride ourselves on building and fostering partnerships that last.

We work with you to ensure that your customer is always getting the best quality and the best service for the best price.

Our state-of-the-art Data Center also allows us to offer Backup & Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, and Co-Location Services.

Leveraging our Data Center’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and its advanced security services provides the edge you need to make your business more successful by offering the services your customers need.

We also have experience working with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to provide additional bandwidth through point-to-point fiber connections. ISPs should view STL as a business destination point.

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I have worked with STL as a Strategic Partner with my own company on many projects.

I find all the folks at STL easy to work and communicate with. STL and Wendelin Consulting Group, Inc. share many core beliefs. We treat our customers with respect and never over sell a product or a service.

I am happy to work with STL on future projects and believe there to be a long-lasting relationship with STL.

Jay Wendelin, CEO Wendelin Consulting Group, Inc.