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Technology plays an increasingly critical role in today’s business landscape.

We’re here to reassure you that expert-level IT services are surprisingly affordable and are not exclusive to large businesses anymore.

Small- to medium-sized businesses can enjoy the benefits of a professional and scalable IT staff to meet specific operational needs without hiring multiple vendors or creating an internal IT department.

Our state-of-the-art data center is housed in a FEMA-rated underground bunker that meets Tier 3 standards. It allows us to offer Private Cloud, Hosted Email, Virtual Desktops, and Business Continuity services. Our Cybersecurity experts proactively keep your data safe with early detection and response.

A thorough Business Continuity Plan allows us to implement an effective Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan to make sure you’re never without access to your data.

Our fully-managed, hosted Public Branch Exchange (PBX) Voice Solutions let you focus on managing your business, not your phones, all while reducing costs.

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By going to a cloud based environment, we eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

We looked at our cost of hardware upgrade and server upgrade, and we realized that the continuing need to upgrade was chewing up a great deal of dollars and that our computer hardware was almost disposable on anywhere from a 12- to 24-month cycle.

By going to a cloud based environment, it allows us to use virtual connections and virtual servers, as well as remote desktop connections that we just couldn’t access before and it has eliminated a lot of our hardware issues.

Ed Colloton, M.D. Eye Surgical Associates