Work For STL

Apply Online

There are two ways you can apply for a job with STL.

First, you can visit our Jobs Board and apply for a job through the provided links.

Second, if there isn't a job that is a good match for your skills and background, you can still attach your resume to an email and send it to us at

One of our Talent Acquisition Managers will review your resume, input your information into our system, and then conduct a search for jobs that fit your experience. Our recruiters are extremely proficient in matching the best candidates with job openings at companies on local, regional and national levels.

At STL, it's not about finding a A Person for A Job. It's about finding the Right Person, with the Right Skills, for the Right Position.

What I like most about STL Staffing Services is the responsiveness to day to day requests. Their staff takes feedback from our team and adjusts as necessary.

We appreciate the relationship we have with STL and the open dialogue we have about future services, costs, etc.

I would approximate that 30-40% of our full-time production staffing hires come from STL after they are placed in our workforce. This reduces the amount of time and money we need to invest in recruitment and hiring costs. It also allows our hiring managers an opportunity to see the talent in action before committing to them long-term.

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