Staffing-homeWhile there may be 10 candidates matching your skill requirements, there may only be a few who possess an understanding of how your business works and are a good fit for the personality of your team. Every company is different, from its culture to work schedules, to productivity demands to skill sets. Because of your unique business environment, STL has created a customer-focused approach, allowing us to be innovative, flexible, and responsive to your needs.


Our talented team of Account Managers and Recruiters filter our pool of talent and present only those candidates who can seamlessly integrate into your team environment and operate as a full extension of your HR Department, assuming ownership and responsibility for the entire recruiting process, from requisition to hire.As a technology company we know what makes great technology professionals. Whether you are looking for a help desk operator or software developer, at STL we strive to find you the very best in the industry has to offer. Our recruiters are armed with the very best tools possible and the training to know how to use them effectively. In addition to our ability to find great IT staff, we have also been successful in finding other professionals for positions such as banking, financial, clerical, administrative, and light industrial positions as well. For all of your staffing needs, STL is a one stop shop. Whatever your needs, whatever your industry, wherever your location, for STL, the sky’s the limit.


“We have beenBlank-Profile depending on STL for many years to provide supplemental staffing for our application development needs, and STL has never let us down!
STL knows our culture and understands our business needs. They use this insight to thoroughly vet candidates to present only those who have the exact skills and experience we need, when we need them, and at a very competitive rate.
We frequently receive solicitations from other consulting firms, and always take time to consider their offerings when we are seeking contract developers. We have yet to find any who equal STL’s diligence in finding the right fit for us – in fact, these other well-known firms consistently present lesser-qualified individuals at top-shelf rates.
STL continues to be our preferred provider for onsite contract developers, but they have also provided us with offsite development pods to assist with high-profile, time-sensitive projects requiring a significant number of additional resources, along with onsite project management and technical lead professionals to help us manage the increased staffing.
STL is more than a vendor; they are a trusted and valued partner.”

Jeff Mosley