Data Center

STL provides Premium Data Center Services from within our hardened underground bunker. We offer solutions to fit a wide variety of business needs including private clouds, virtual server hosting, data storage, IaaS cloud models, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, along with a full suite of technology support services. In addition to providing you with the most secure and applicable technology services, we can also reduce your IT costs and complexity through our managed data center services.

The STL Data Center is PCI, HIPAA, and now SSAE 16 compliant, which is a standard in security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Cloud Services

Get the flexibility to scale your infrastructure on-demand with STL Cloud Services. Rather than investing in costly, static hardware, leverage the power of the cloud. STL Cloud Services gives your business the ability to transform your expensive server environment into an adaptable, on-demand infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service
Use our computing power, infrastructure, bandwidth, and network management services to deliver strategic IT services to your enterprise. Although Infrastructure as a Service is often a cloud service, at STL you can use our infrastructure with or without Cloud Services attached.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity is not just about recovering from a disaster. Any interruption in the progress of your business can be an obstacle to your success. If something were to happen and your employees could no longer get to the office, your business can stay open with the help of STL. With your infrastructure housed in our data center, and hot seats capable of relocating your employees, you can rest assured your business will keep moving forward.

Remote Backup
With STL Remote Backup services, your business’s most crucial data is backed up offsite automatically, often while you are sleeping or during closed business hours. We offer multiple packages ranging from simple offsite data backup to fully virtualized options in which your entire business environment is backed up as one piece. Contact STL today to find out which package best suits your needs.

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