Business Services

At STL, Cloud Computing is our culture. With our Cloud Partner program you too can offer enterprise class cloud services without having to buy the expensive infrastructure and hire the technical staff. STL can offer marketing and sales support, consulting services, and even staffing to get you started in the cloud.

Marketing Support
Let STL help you get the word out about your venture into the cloud. We can help you in branding your cloud and developing marketing materials from traditional print media, to mass emails. STL even has a series of cloud educational videos which can be customized to fit your needs and branded with your logo.

Sales Support
Not sure where to start on selling the cloud? STL can help get the ball rolling to get the revenue coming in. Pricing advisement and service level consulting are just the beginning. STL can script, present, and even host demand generation events and webinars to educate your customers on the cloud.

Cloud Computing, Cloud Recruiting
Take comfort in knowing that you can provide cloud services without any experience in or prior knowledge of cloud computing. STL is happy to offer the services of our Cloud Experts to manage, allocate, and run maintenance on your cloud servers so that you can focus on selling. If you prefer to have your own onsite Cloud Expert, STL can put our staffing team to work to find the perfect fit for your business.