STL is proud to offer a wide range of technology services to the Healthcare industry.  Throughout the years, we have developed a suite of IT services focused on the unique needs of the healthcare industry. We focus on the following healthcare practices, but not limited to: Eye Care, Cardiovascular, Radiology, OBGYN, and long-term healthcare. STL understands your commitment to provide patients better care with better outcomes, and the necessity of intelligent business technology to keep your business running smooth.  Our consultative service model assures that your practice has a tailored plan that is flexible and elastic to assure constant alignment with shifting regulatory mandates.  With STL you can achieve your meaningful use objectives, HIPAA compliance, and sleep better at night knowing your patient and business information are secure in the STL Cloud. “The capital expense is not on our books. In other words, we look at our balance sheet and we don’t have $100,000 of hardware that we’re depreciating over the next five years, and we haven’t had to borrow $100,000 from the bank to buy this stuff.”

Ruel Wright MD

Practice Management Consultants