Business Continuity

Marketing Analysis Accounting Team Teamwork Business Meeting ConSTL’s Business Continuity Center offers a leasable, turn-key office and conference space with up to 100 Business Continuity seats.  This space is ideal for periods of business expansion or in times of Natural Disaster. We provide a productive space you can turn to should something happen to your physical building.  Our goal is to provide your business a space to continue operations in times of growth or disaster. 

What allows this space to be possible is STL’s Bunkered Data Center built to Tier III specifications, located securely outside of major metropolitan areas.  The Bunkered Data Center allows our Business Continuity Center to be secure in the event of a natural disaster.  This space is the missing piece to your Disaster Recovery Plan which allows continued operations in crisis situations.    


“Once we had learned of the crisis that morning we reached out to our business unit in that location. One of the first responses back was: ‘Everyone was ok, no one was hurt, the location was completely gone, but thank goodness our data was in the Cloud.’ They were able to access that data from another location 10 miles away like it never had happened. Certainly there was impact on the community and that location, but it was one less thing to worry about, and business did continue on.”

Keith Milburn, CIO

Growmark, Inc.